About Us

Anassa is a boutique yacht traveling agency that designs sailing trips and manages the onboard services of leading sailboat and catamaran brands. Our experienced staff carries out the full planning and execution of sailing trips, providing high-end, tailor-made services for all-inclusive onboard holidays. 

We are committed to all sea lovers that are ready for an unforgettable experience on the crystal-clear waters of Greece.

Dedicated to a better future of travel 

Our mission is simple; To introduce you to a new perspective on traveling by creating an integrated experience of yachting, as well as well-living on board, while offering a set of high-end amenities during your accommodation. Primarily believing that life becomes more exciting with more surprises to discover when you are closest to nature, our mindset could not be any other than happy travelers also make a happier ecosystem.

What make us unique

Anassa provides 360 yachting services from the design of a care-free sailing trip and luxurious onboard accommodation to the fun and educational activities of our customers. Our experienced managerial staff and onboard crew plan and offer a yachting trip according to the needs and tastes of every traveler.

Whether this is a diving lesson or a home-cooked-style gourmet meal on the deck, we make sure your customers will get the best services, while they enjoy a relaxed, pampered, and smooth stay on a luxury yacht.

We work with:

  • Experienced skippers
  • Professional hosts and hostesses
  • Chefs
  • Sea sports trainers… and many others

Our Mission

to deliver yachting happiness to travellers by offering a boutique and eco-friendly sailing experience

or in other words..

..we want to have more clean seas!

..we want to make travellers happy!