Anassa Blue – Be part of the story

Tourism is intertwined with the environment and consequently, the longevity and progress of the industry. Yet, not enough attention is being paid to the impact traveling may have on the environment. Anassa guarantees a safe trip not only to our customers but also to sea life, as part of a unique eco sailing experience that preserves the beauty of the environment. 

Our core business values include the need to promote sustainable services. The eco-sailing value of our agency provides future generations with the opportunity to enjoy equally magical sea trips.

Βlue Certification

Blue Certification confirms that our fleet consists of sailboats and yachts that are totally complied with environmentally friendly standards in every aspect of their presence and they are absolutely adapted to protect marine life, promote conservation and environmental awareness, and respect marine protected Areas. To support this purpose we take care of every necessary action before, during, or after each sailing route.

Βlue training during the check in

We take up the task of training travelers with educational material and fun activities on board to inspire them with love for the environment and teach them good practices to implement and remember for a lifetime.

Blue experience challenges

Designed roots based on the length of sailing. This mindset lets us create the most thrilling tailor-made tours & excursions across the sea, including unique life experiences that may take place on board, in the middle of the sea, or at any shore, that only can be conquered if you are able to travel without any limitation and at your own pace.

Skippers Blue Certification

Our staff of certified skippers is responsible for the safety of the boat and all the people on board, as well as they are legally in charge of complying with all the relevant rules and regulations. Due to their extensive skipping skills and experience, they can guarantee the highest level of safety in all activities during a voyage, both ashore and at sea, ensuring all sufficient measures are taken to reduce risks.

Sustainable Materials

Adapting to the challenges of global environmental awareness, all our sailing boats & yachts meet the standards as the most environmentally friendly solution for traveling. Except for the higher percentage of natural, recyclable materials used for their construction, and the fact that their energy consumption is less polluting than other traveling means, sailboat cruises are a paradigm of the slow-travel trend which is more sustainable, local-responsible and more authentic.

Renewable energy on yachts

Although sailing yachts have always been considered the best choice for an eco-conscious, ethically-accepted way of traveling due to the friendlier energy consumption in comparison with other transportation ways, the introduction of hybrid propulsion engines -combine battery and fuel- has managed to lower the vessel’s impact. Αt the same time, renewable sources of energy like wind and solar, make yachts, in general, the most suitable travel option to contribute to the global warning over climate change.