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Kalamata is one of the most popular destinations of the Peloponnese. As the capital and chief port of the Messenia regional unit, it attracts sailing tourist groups from the Mediterranean, while maintaining its natural beauty and picturesque postcard-like imagery. Kalamata is known for its sharp sunlight, light atmosphere, crystal clear water, and diverse nature.

Every summer, nature lovers explore Kalamata’s forested mountains and enjoy the sandy beaches. Meanwhile, cosmopolitan travelers fall in love with the locals, who cherish friendship and new experiences. Furthermore, Kalamata hosts some of the most significant archeological museums of the mainland of Southern Greece. If sightseeing is an important part of your traveling experience, don’t miss visiting the two imposing castles of the regions, Koroni and Methoni accordingly. 

Breezy, soft, sunny, and heartfelt, Kalamata is the ultimate people’s destination.

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Things to do

  • Archeological Museum of Messinia
  • The Castle of Methoni
  • The castle of Koroni
  • Voidokilia Beach



The climate in Kalamata is warm and temperate. The winter months are much rainier than the summer months in Kalamata. This climate is considered to be Csa according to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification. The average temperature in Kalamata is 15.7 °C | 60.3 °F. About 855 mm | 33.7 inch of precipitation falls annually.

Kalamata is in the northern hemisphere. Its north to the equator line Summer begins in September and ends at the end of June. The months of summer are: June, July, August, September. The best time to travel is July, August.

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