Lefkada / Ionian Islands


Lefkada, the beautiful Greek island in the Ionian Sea, is the dream destination for hundreds of sailing tourists. Its picturesque villages, churches, and monasteries, lush vegetation, idyllic coves of transparent, turquoise waters, and busy and secluded beaches of stunning beauty, form an idyllic site for every traveler.

Lefkada is the island’s capital and port town. The town planning is a very particular one and resembles a “fish backbone”. Its picturesque alleys, traditional houses, elaborate belfries, and paved pedestrian zones give this town its character. The city is surrounded by a canal and a lagoon, while, farther north, lies Gyra, a thin stretch of sandy beach forming a circle, dotted with windmills and scant vegetation.

West coast beaches like Porto Katsiki and Egremni feature sheer cliffs and turquoise waters. The east coast is known for its traditional villages, including the seaside resort of Nydri, while Vassiliki, in the south, attracts windsurfers.

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    • Athens (4)
    • Kalamata (1)
    • Lefkada (6)
    • Paros (2)
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4400€ week


Lefkada Bareboat Lagoon 2019
10 guests 4 double 42 feet
1990€ week


Lefkada Bareboat Dufour 2021
6 guests 3 double 39 feet
S George
3300€ week

S George

Lefkada Bareboat Lagoon 2017
10 guests 4 double 42 feet
1990€ week


Lefkada Bareboat Dufour 2021
6 guests 3 double 39 feet
2990€ week


Lefkada Bareboat Dufour 2019
8 guests 4 double 46 feet
1850€ week


Lefkada Bareboat Hanse 2021
8 guests 3 double 42 feet

Things to do

  • Porto Katsiki Beach
  • Egremni Beach
  • Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni
  • Nydri Waterfalls
  • Milos Beach
  • Mikros Gialos Beach
  • Kathisma Beach
  • Wine Tourism


Recommended Sailing Itinerary

1 WEEK – 99 Nautical Miles


You will arrive in Lefkas and you will fill out all the necessary paperwork and start the check-in procedure. After that, you are free to walk around the city center, have a delicious dinner and grab a drink (or more) in the various nightclubs and bars the island has to offer.

Day 2 SIVOTA 16 N.M.

This tiny bay on the island of Lefkas has a quiet nightlife and a great bakery for a delicious brunch. You will have the chance to have dinner in the tavernas by the sea and later grab summer cocktails.

Day 3 EUFIMIA 24 N.M.

The small natural bay on the island of Kefalonia is the perfect place for a quiet evening. You can enjoy strolls on the shore, or in the beautiful street of the village and eat tasty food in a variety of local tavernas.

Day 4 POROS 12 N.M.

You can end another day at Kefalonia at the small and safe port of Poros. You can relax, explore the place on foot, and rewind for the day.

Day 5 KASTOS 24 N.M.

The quiet and little island of Kastos is full of olive trees and beautiful small bays in which you can anchor and spend the night with your friends on board. Otherwise, you can anchor in the small port and walk around the small village. If you do so, don’t forget to visit the beautiful old windmill for a drink.

Day 6 MEGANISI 12 N.M.

It might look small, but this island is a green paradise full of life during the summer months. It is the best choice if you are in the mood for tasty greek food (don’t forget to try lobster pasta) and a calm nightlife.

Day 7 LEFKAS 11 N.M.

It is your last day but we are sure you already start planning your next sailing vacations. Time to sail back to Lefkas. We will be waiting for you at the marina with full of happiness and joy!



Lefkada has a typical Mediterranean climate, with mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers.

Winter lasts from December to mid-March, with daily temperatures around 10 °C and occasional patches of bad weather with plenty of rain.

As spring approaches, the weather gradually improves and rains become less frequent. May is the perfect month to visit the island before the summer heat.

Temperatures regularly exceed 30 °C in the summer months of July and August and can even reach 35 °C on a hot day. The sea in Lefkada is warm enough for swimming from June until September with temperatures varying from 22 °C to 26 °C.

Autumn on the island is mild and often quite warm to enjoy a late vacation. There is plenty of sunshine in September and early October but the chance of rain and thunderstorms is considerably higher.

Due to favourable winds, Lefkada is the preferred destination of windsurfers from all over Europe. During summer, Mistral winds blowing on the Ionian Sea create ideal sailing conditions.

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