Become part of our fleet

Anassa provides 360 yachting services from the design of a care-free sailing trip and luxurious onboard accommodation to the fun and educational activities of your customers. Our experienced managerial staff and onboard crew plan and offer a yachting trip according to the needs and tastes of every traveler.

We can guarantee every owner’s happiness by taking up the full management of the yacht at the most competitive prices in the market. Up-to-date and goal-oriented, our marketing strategy and traveling schedule provide you with a steady revenue while offering you at the same time the opportunity to make use of your boat to enjoy the luxury sailing vacation.

Boat Content Management

Establishing a solid, unique online presence for your sailboat, including HQ pictures and videos, presentations, and descriptions – everything that will let a possible guest explore the specs and get a taste of your yacht’s experience – is among our top priorities within our digital marketing strategy.

Online & Offline Marketing

A team of experienced agents with extensive knowledge and understanding of both online and offline marketing strategies work together to make the best promotional planning and connect your sailboat with the right customers. 

Online Booking Systems Management

An integrated online booking system management with special features designed particularly for the effective boat booking, can directly help possible customers to select your sailboat or catamaran according to their requirements, and thus increase the amount of your bookings.

Boat Fairs & B2B Events Representation

Participating in boat shows, and public exhibitions is an integral part of our Boat Fairs and B2B Events representations role model to promote your boat capabilities and concept in the world of yachting and nautical tourism.

Check In & Out

An effective system of customer check-ins and check-outs driven by our operational staff can establish an automation process for your bookings, reduce the amount of time or unnecessary risks with schedules and ensure a workable and profitable usage of your boat. 

Boat Technical Support

Sailing safely is everything. In terms of our yacht management services, we ensure full coverage for boat technical support with state-of-art equipment, undertaking any maintenance or repairing works needed, and make you feel confident that your customers can enjoy their sailing tour with 100% safety.

24/7 Owners Service

Is there anything you need to know at any time of the day or night about your boat status? Here we are 24/7 to deliver information about current booking details, scheduling, or management plan, and cooperate with you to complete all your requirements in the best possible way.